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Four Country Tour Pack- 04
Package code: PTFR – 04
Duration 11 Nights/12 Days, Paris + Avignon + Barcelona+French Riviera+Tuscany + Rome + Vatican city

Day 01 Visit Paris
Welcome to your 24 day Absolute Europe Budget Tour! Your life will never be the same again. Departing London, you will cross the English Channel to France and onwards to the capital Paris. You will no doubt be excited to get your first glimpse of
the Eiffel Tower...but no need to worry. Your expert driver and tour leader will introduce you to all the major iconic landmarks with a driving tour of the city with a few stops to grab some great pictures along the way. You will cruise past such iconic landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, the Champs – Elysees, Place de la Concorde and Notre Dame - taking note of the places you wish to explore more on your free day. After dinner in the artistic Montmartre part of the city the rest of the evening is yours to spend as you wish. A wander through the bohemian Spanish Quarter...a traditional French cabaret, perhaps? Maybe just a romantic stroll along the Seine River... Paris is now yours!
Overnight accommodation. Alternative start point: Paris. 
Day 02 Spend a free day in Paris
Today you can do as much or as little as you like with a whole free day in Paris. Our tour leader is brimming with ideas and local knowledge, so that you can get the best out of your time here. We even have some optional excursions on offer such as a Seine River cruise to the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame or tickets for the Montparnasse Tower , where from the 56th floor you get not only the best views of Paris but also of the Eifel Tower, particulary at sunset and for the hourly Eifel light show after dark. Maybe a visit to the Louvre to visit ‘The Mona Lisa’ and other famous artworks and paintings. Revisit Montmartre and the quaint, Parisian style alfresco restaurants and cafes, and while you are there, drop in to the Sacre Coeur which is around the corner. You could even visit Paris Disneyland for a day of escapist fun with the most famous mouse in the world. Alternatively, stroll the streets as the locals do, checking out the bookstalls, cafes, fromageries and perfumeries.
Breakfast. Overnight accommodation.
Day 03 Visit Avignon
Is it wine o’clock yet? Your Absolute Western tour continues a French theme, with a stop in Beaune, the capital of the famous Burgundy wine region, where you will have the opportunity to visit a classic French Chateaux. Take time to explore the vineyards and wine cellar, sampling the local vintages and varieties. Continuing through the French countryside, take note of the stunning scenery whizzing past you. Your final stop of the day will be in Avignon - also known affectionately as ‘The City of Popes’. It is an amazingly preserved, fortified city commune with a long history, stunning architecture and religious significance. It is also classed as UNESCO Heritage Site. Enjoy an orientation walking tour of Avignon before dinner, and your evening is free to explore as you wish.
Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. 
Day 04 Visit Barcelona
It’s aurevoir to Avignon, and time to move on to the eastern coast of Spain. But before you get there, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal, with a 2000 year old Roman Built aqua duct, at Pont du Gard. Walking along it, you will notice that there are no nails, cement or mortar holding the arches together. The Pont du Gard has been an attraction for centuries, primarily based on its immaculate three tiered construction, which carried over 44 million gallons of water a day to the local townships. A very important historical site, UNESCO have included it in their heritage listing - and rightly so. Barcelona is nearing, and you should be getting excited about exploring this cosmopolitan Spanish metropolis. Once you arrive, we will acquaint you with this vibrant and energetic city with a coach tour, so you can decide where to start first on your free day. Keep your eyes open for the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral, any of Gaudi’s spectacular examples of eclectic architecture and building designs, and of course La Ramblas - a pedestrian walk way down the middle of the city which is packed full of market stalls, cafes, restaurants, street entertainers and tourism. The city comes alive at night, so after dinner, head back into the heart of the action for some music and atmosphere.
Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. 
Day 05 Spend a free day in Barcelona.
Today is all yours to do with as you please! Barcelona offers a diversity of options in how to build your day into a lasting memory. The best views of the city can be had from Park Guell, take in the panoramic splendor and skyline of Barcelona. The
park itself offers a very interesting design which is a product of Anton Gaudi’s challenging architectural visualisations. Barcelona is home to many of Gaudi’s building designs and you could spend the whole day, simply locating each one and recognising the signature design features. One of his most famous works, is that of the unfinished Sagrada Familia - an interpretation of a gothic cathedral which is unlike any building you will have ever seen. You can’t miss it from Park Guell, or most other vantage points in the city. There is much to do in this incredible city, boat tours of the harbour, La Ramblas, the ‘Old Town’, museums, art galleries, some of Europe’s best shopping, and a fabulous stretch of sandy beach if you want to soak up the sun or have a swim in the warm Mediterranean sea. In the evening you could join us on our optional excursion to see a traditional Flamenco show! The dance of passion is performed with style, flair and energy, and is a real experience not to be missed If you prefer to stick to more modern forms of dance, each night the city fills with tourists and locals, who are in search of music and sangrias.
Breakfast. Overnight accommodation. 
Day 06 Visit Arles and the French Riviera
Today you will find yourself continuing a path of coastal landscapes, as you head towards the French Riviera. Your first stop is the UNESCO Heritage Site of Arles, famous for its historical buildings and links to such artists as Van Gough (many of his paintings were inspired by Arles). Check out the colorful houses and Roman Amphitheatre on this comfort stop. Watching the stunning scenery whoosh past you as you continue to Nice, there is a special place we need to show you before you progress any further - a famous French perfumery which has been in operation since the 18th century. Here you will learn how to use your sense of smell to detect the perfect combination of fragrances. There will be opportunities to sample perfumes and other products which are made from the most carefully selected flowers and herbs. You will never smell the same again! (and it is not just for the ladies - they have some very alluring colognes for the men folk as well) Bonjour French Riviera! You have arrived! Having made it to the South of France, it is time to indulge and ‘French’ things up. One of the most picturesque strips of coast in the world, you shall stay where the ocean laps the shore, and it is holiday season all year around. After dinner, why not head into town to join the locals in one of the many bars and restaurants.
Breakfast,dinner. Overnight accommodation.
Day 07 Spend a free day in the French Riviera.
Today, you can do whatever your heart desires! As the saying goes ‘It is always nice in NIce’ - so now is your chance to find out why. One thing is for sure though- this is the playground of the rich and famous. Keep your eyes open for celebrities and stars whilst you are enjoying the sights yourself! Today you also have a free optional excursion to visit Monaco (which is also a principality, and the 2nd smallest and most densely populated country in the world!) If you choose to visit Monaco, you will be taken on a scenic coastal drive from Nice in the morning, and have the best part of the day to explore. The city offers stunning views over an enormous private harbour, where super yachts and ships come to rest. The Grand Casino is particularly spectacular, and the castle district offers beautifully preserved architecture and views of the coast and city. Being a free day, if you are a movie buff, Cannes - home of the famous film festival - is not too far away, and you can get there by train. This evening, why not chill out in the ‘Old Town’ where the restaurants serve a range of French cuisine and wonderfully fresh seafood. The night markets offer great choices in the way of souvenirs.
Breakfast. Overnight accommodation.
Day 08 Visit Pisa and Tuscany
Goodbye France - you are off on your Italian leg of the Absolute Europe tour. First stop today, is a cultural landmark famous the world over - the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the neighbouring cathedral,cemetery and baptistry, this 56m, 840 year old Bell tower draws millions of visitors from all over the globe, namely for one thing...To have their photo taken pretending to push the tower back up! So get creative, get into position - these snaps are always the most memorable. Onwards to the exquisite Tuscan region - famous for wine, food, art and architecture, you will settle in Montecatini Terme, a spa town north-west of Florence. The landscape is stunning and the atmosphere relaxed. Enjoy your evening meal, and then have a little wander around the streets, sucking in that beautiful country air and discover a nice little bar in which to sample one of the local wines. Tomorrow is a very busy day.
Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation.
Day 09 Visit Florence and Rome
Today, your Italian adventure continues to blossom, bloom and grow as you continue through the Tuscan region to the city of Florence, and then on to the capital of the nation - Rome! Once in Florence, a local guide will take you on a walking tour of the city. History oozes out of every pore of this artistic and cultural centre - the city is home to Michaelangelo’s ‘David’. The architecture lining the streets is astounding and so well preserved, you wouldn’t imagine these buildings are centuries old. Then there is Il Porcellino (Italian for "piglet") the local Florentine nickname for the bronze statue of a boar where visitors rub the boar's snout to ensure a return to Florence. After Florence we continue our Tuscany experience with a stop at San Gimignano before we reach Rome a city so popular and fantastically historical, you will feel like you have stepped back in time? The Italian capital buzzes with activity, tradition, passion, and an energy of its own. On the way to your accommodation for the evening, you can start to plan what to do with your free day. Enjoy your meal - Bon Appetite! Tomorrow will be epic!
Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. 
Day 10 A free day in Rome, optional excursion to the Vatican City.
Are you ready to roam Rome? First up we meet our local guide, who will take you by the hand and proudly introduce you to the locations which make this city so beloved and famous. The Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Roman Forum and the Coliseum...just for starters! Whilst at the Trevi Fountain, toss a coin over your shoulder, and legend has it,You have the whole day, to explore this ancient city to your heart’s content. Luckily, most of the historical landmarks and Ancient Roman structures are located in the city centre and are easy to find. (Rome was a much smaller place back when there were emperors and gladiators). Today’s optional excursion is to visit Vatican City - the smallest country in the world! Our tour leader will organize fast tracked tickets for you, and once you are ahead of the queues, you can experience Michelangelo’s painting in in the Sistine Chapel, as well as St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican museums, one of the world’s best private art collections, and beautiful gardens. If you are lucky, maybe the Pope will be in residence! The rest of your day is free to explore as you wish, and this is the perfect opportunity to return to your favorite landmarks from last nights walking tour, or indulge traditional Italian fare. Pizza, pasta, vino, espresso...Belissimo! (that means ‘lovely’ in Italian you will use this one often..)
Breakfast. Overnight accommodation.
Day 11 Spend a free day in Rome.
Another free day in Rome! Unbelievable! This is your opportunity to either explore what you have missed. The Italians believe in resting, so why not chill out at a trattoria with some tasty morsels, a cold beverage and some good conversation. This is also the perfect opportunity, to explore the city away from the large crowds. Research some favorite locals haunts, or maybe visit the catacombs for something different. Many of our travelers actually prefer to relax and enjoy the atmosphere today. Whatever you do, take your time and don’t rush if you rubbed Il Porcellino snout in Florence and threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain you will be back again to Italy someday to catch up on what you may miss this time around.
Breakfast. Overnight accommodation.
Day 12 Departure Venice
We wind things up today after breakfast, before the rest of the group continues on to Assisi and Venice with the Absolute Europe tour. Free at own leisure until time for transfer to airport for your flight back home.

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