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Day 1 - Istanbul - ArrivalDay
WelcometoTurkeyIstanbulAirport. Meet with assist fand transfer toyour hotel, Transfer fromairport&check in toyour hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 2 - Istanbul City Tour
(Breakfast included)
Pickup at 08:30am fromyour hotel forthe a daytour of oldIstanbulcity. Visitto ST. SOPHIA Thisancientbasilica, builtbyConstantinethe Great in the 4th centuryandreconstructedbyJustinian in the 6th century, is one of thearchitecturalmarvels of all time.TOPKAPI PALACE Thegreatpalace of theOttomansultansfromthe 15th tothe 19th centurieshousing an exquisitecollection of cyrstal, silver, andChineseporcelain, robeswornbythesultansandtheirfamilies, thefamousjewels of theImperialTreasury, miniatures, theHolyMantle; enshriningrelics of theProphetMohammed.SULTANAHMET IMPERIAL MOSQUE Acrossfrom St. Sophiabuilt in the 16th centurybythearchitect Mehmet, is known as the BLUE MOSQUE because of itsmagnificentinteriordecoration of blueIzniktiles. HIPPODROME Ancient Hippodrome, thescene of chariotraces, withthethreemonuments; the Obelisk of Theodosius, thebronzeSerpentineColumnandtheColumn of Constantine.
MurtisTourwillthentakeyoutothe GRAND COVERED BAZAAR Inthislabyrinth of streetsandpassagesaremorethen 4,000 shopswitheachtradehavingitsownarea: thegoldsmiths' street, thecarpetsellers, Turkishartsandcrafts, such as handpaintedceramicplates, hand-honedcopperware, brasswareandtrays, waterewers, onyx-wareandmeerschaumpipes. Afterthetour, transfer backtoyour hotel.FreeEveningandoptionalIstanbulEveningShowsorBosphorusDinnerCruiseincluingtraditionalTurkishentertainmentanddinner. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 3 – Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise and Shopping Tour
(Breakfast included)
Pickup at 08:30am fromthe hotel anddepartfortheIstanbulBosphorusCruiseandShoppingTour. Visitthe SPICE BAZAAR (EgyptianBazaar) Theair here is filledwiththeenticingaromas of cinnamon, caraway, saffron, mint, thymeandeveryotherconceivableherbandspice.
BOSPHORUS BY BOAT a traditionalexcursionbyboatalongthewaterwayseparating Europe andAsia. Theshore is linedwitholdwoodenvillas, palaces of marble, fortresses, andsmallfishingvillages. Duringtheexcursionyouwillseethemagnificentsights of thefollowingattractionsfromyourboat. SeeDolmabahcePalace, andfurtheralong, theparksandimperialpavilions of YildizPalace. On thecoastaledge of this park, is CiraganPalace, 300 meters of itsmarblefacadefacestheshore. At Ortakoy a greatvariety of artistsgatherevery Sunday todisplaytheirworkalongthestreet. Ortakoy is a symbol of tolerancewith a church, a mosqueand a synagogueexistingsidebysideforcenturies.
RUMELI FORTRESS Builtby Mehmet the Conqueror in 1452 priortotheconquest of Istanbulwascompleted in onlyfourmonthstocontrolandprotecttheinfamousBosphoruspassage. It is one of themostbeautifulworks of militaryarchitectureanywhere in theworld.BEYLERBEYI PALAS (PALACE) Thesummerresidence of Ottomansultansexists in itsoriginalrenovatedgloryfeaturingoriginalantiquefurnitureandmagnificentgardenswiththe Harem on theAsianside of Istanbul.
BOSPHORUS BRIDGE enjoy a uniquechanceto step fromonecontinent (Asia) toanother (Europe).
CAMLICA HILL thehighestpoint in Istanbul. At the top of it you can rest andadmirethemagnificent panorama of IstanbulandtheBosporusfromthebeautifulgardens, landscaped in traditionalTurkishOttomanstyle.SHOPPING TOUR (aftercruise) Experiencethetraditional silk weavingskills of Turkishwomen at thecarpetweavingcoursesprovidedbyTheMinistry of NationalEducation. Youwillgettheopportunitytoseejewellery, handcraftscentreand a modern leatherwearshow. Enjoytheexperience of shoppingwhilstgainingtheknowledge of theancientcraftsmen, withMurti'sTour'slocalescortfull of knowledgeabout how tohagglethestreets of Istanbul. The rest of theevening is yourstoexploreIstanbul. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 4 - Istanbul - FreeDay
(Breakfas tincluded)
Theday is yours. Youdon'thavetowakeupearly, exploreIstanbulcity, shop in thelocalmarkets, orenjoyone of themanydaytripsMurti'sTourofferyoutochoosefrom. TheseincludeEphesus, Cappadocia, DolmabahcePalace, FamilyShoppingTour, TraditionalTurkishBath, Green Bursa, IstanbulPrinces' Island, TurkishVillageTour, IstanbulMuseumsTour, AquariumTour, Privateluxuryyachtcruise, HelicopterTours, orenjoytheIstanbulEvening Show, 1001 IstanbulTraditionalTurkishNight, DinnerCruise on theBosphorusByNightwithdinner, popular musicalinstrumentsandTurkishsinger. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 5 - Istanbul - End of Tour
Afterbreakfastcheckoutfromthe hotel. Wehopeyourtourwasamemorableoneandwelookforwardtoseeingyou in thefuture .


Per Person

Shared Double

For 2 Pax

€    610,00

For 4 Pax

€    500,00

For 6 Pax

€    460,00

For 8 Pax

€    440,00

For 10 Pax

€    425,00



PRICE EXCLUDES:  Air ticket price with tax, Visa fee with processing, Lunch-Dinner, tips, drinks, Entrance fee, Personal Expenses and anything not mentioned above.

TERMS OF PAYMENT:1st Installment Tk. 10,000/- + 2nd Installment rest amount, Rest amount will have to pay at Istanbul.

PleaseNote: HagiaSophiaclosed on mondays, TopkapiPalaceclosed on tuesdays, Grand Bazaarclosed on sundays.
Valid Till 30 October 2014


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